Wi-Fi Smart Home Kit

Wi-Fi Smart Home Kit includes the Wi-Fi Smart Bulb, Wi-Fi Smart Camera, and Wi-Fi Smart Plug. Access and control your smart devices from anywhere via the Smart Life companion app right on your phone. Fully control your house, how and when you want. The Smart Bulb and Smart Plug offer voice-control functionality for added customer convenience.

Model: NSH-4000


  • Wi-Fi Smart Home Kit contains the Wi-Fi Smart Plug,the Wi-Fi Smart Bulb, and the Wi-Fi Smart Camera
  • Access and control your smart devices anytime, anywhere via the Smart Life companion app on your phone (download from the Google Play Store or App Store)
  • Control your Smart Plug and Smart Bulb using just your voice by linking Amazon Alexa or Google Home to your Smart Life account (Smart Camera does not support voice control)
  • Wi-Fi Smart Plug allows you to control and schedule turning on and off your lights and appliances with ease
  • Wi-Fi Smart Bulb allows you to turn lights on and off, change color, brighten or dim no matter where you are
  • 24/7 HD recording Smart Camera captures real-time events in crystal-clear video/image

  • Companion App:   Smart Life
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity :   2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n
  • Supported Apps:   Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant (Smart Plug and Smart Bulb only), as well as iFTTT

Feature, Specifications, Measurements and Weight may be subject to change without prior notice.